When Doing the Right Thing Goes Wrong!

It’s taken me months to write this post. A topic I kept delaying because I needed a clear and positive mind. I’m still angered at that thought of anyone willing to rationalize wrong behavior. Wrong is wrong! I naively still held onto hope that if I could just show them the truth they would understand … Continue reading When Doing the Right Thing Goes Wrong!

“Akwaaba” AFRICA – Accra, Ghana!

Akwaaba! (Welcome) - one of the words I immediately remembered while speaking with the Ghanians lol. Ten days away and it was plenty for relaxation, shopping 😍, a birthday celebration and culture! Celebrating Charisma’s Big 30 and we took it to the motherland. The most anticipated trip of the year was here! We were vaccinated; … Continue reading “Akwaaba” AFRICA – Accra, Ghana!

The “Look”

Do you have one? I’ve worn long and short weaves, wigs and now crochet braids. I tried a natural TWA four years ago, but quickly returned to relaxers. I looked different each time, and yet I still ask myself “do I have a “look”? The thought crossed my mind after I detangled the kinky curls … Continue reading The “Look”

A Moment in Time – A Hair Journey

Flash Black Friday: Flashback Moment: Pre-teen Kim, bi-weekly trips to the salon for my wash, set, hot comb press and curl. Sitting for hours under the dryer then back in the stylists chair to likely have my scalped burned because I’d flinch as soon as the iron got to close. I dreaded it. Then one … Continue reading A Moment in Time – A Hair Journey

Curls, Curves and Confidence – Can Do Attitude!

As many of you know, over the last six months I've been experimenting with different crochet styles. From curls to Senegalese twists with beautiful golden brown hues. I've been loving all of it! But it doesn’t come without time and patience. My first challenge was learning to catch the little hairs from my outgrown pixie … Continue reading Curls, Curves and Confidence – Can Do Attitude!

(“OH Captain, My Captain”) Mood: Casual Chic

Back from vacation, feeling very relaxed and looking sun-kissed ... Thursday’s are usually the days when I’m most in thought: What am I doing this weekend? Why isn’t it Friday yet? Is it time to go home yet? You know things like that while on my morning commute 😂 Still day dreaming about laying on … Continue reading (“OH Captain, My Captain”) Mood: Casual Chic

Bring It, Own It, Wear It – Corporate Chic

Week after week most of us are doing the same thing .. wake up, commute an hour or more, work for someone else for 8 or 9 hours, go home and do it all over again. Five days a week .. Sounds depressing right!? Guess what, do something about it. Turn those boring days up … Continue reading Bring It, Own It, Wear It – Corporate Chic

Not Your Typical Tuesday

How Are Those Goals Coming Along Queens and Kings? Let me hear from you. How are your days going? (Good/Bad/Indifferent) Have you wanted or made any changes about you or your surroundings lately? I’m curious … drop a comment and let me know. Tuesday’s over 🙌🏽 ... What a gorgeous day for a walk. Chillen … Continue reading Not Your Typical Tuesday

Searching For The Real (Why I Started Blogging?)

These posts are flowing through my fingertips like nothing! I have so many thoughts I want to share; but we’ll ease into that 😉 I’ll keep you up-to-date with topics that I hope peek your interest as much as mine. You might agree, you may disagree. In either case, just keep it respectful. There will … Continue reading Searching For The Real (Why I Started Blogging?)

#JustDoIt – What Inspires You?

What’s stopping you from being your best self? Did you know, the answer is YOU? What if you decided TODAY to block everything that’s stopping you? Imagine the things you would accomplish. You have everything in you to get started. But you have to START! Now trust me, I know it’s easier said than done. … Continue reading #JustDoIt – What Inspires You?

Who Is She? – ‘Kimberly’

She is the type... who rather lay on the couch and watch a movie, then go out.where feeding her is a sure thing to put a smile on her face.who is always down for a good laugh."..did you say vacation?" Count me in!Sorry I missed your call, I was taking a nap.who will have respect … Continue reading Who Is She? – ‘Kimberly’

The Journey Begins!

Welcome to DVine Photography! This page will draw insight into my LOVE OF STYLE and capturing every moment in front of the camera. From modeling classy and chic styles you can wear to work to a "SLAY ALL DAY" night out with the girls, you'll learn what styles catch my eye at a reasonable price. … Continue reading The Journey Begins!